14.-16.06.2024 – Shanta Vira® Yoga meets Embodied Voice mit Paula und Michael Stewart

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14.-16.06.2024 – Shanta Vira® Yoga meets Embodied Voice mit Paula und Michael Stewart

Juni 14 | 15:00 - Juni 16 | 16:00

Shanta Vira® Yoga meets Embodied Voice

During this very special retreat Michael j. Stewart the founder of Shanta Vira® Yoga and Paula-Maria the founder of Embodied Voice will take you on a journey to your blessed self. We are in a very powerful moment in our evolution and it requires us to be fully engaged. This engagement means that we have as many methods of connecting to ourselves and the world as possible.
Michael will share techniques of Shanta Vira Yoga, including alignmnet based asana, complimentary prananyama, powerful mantras all woven together to prepare you for this moment of transformation.
Embodied Voice as created by Paula-Maria will further prepare all your bodies for the changes you wish to instill in your life. She will share techniques that blend together body-movements in relation to vocal methods to free up your voice and prepare you for the subtle changes that are nedded for this present moment.

This retreat has been designed for all level of practitioner and requires no prior vocal training or advanced Yoga practices to receive the benefits of our time together.
Come with an Open Mind and Leave prepared to Make the Changes you wish to add to your Life.
Jai Shri Ma

Paula Maria Stewart
– Opernsängerin, Gesangslehrerin, Yoga-Lehrerin
Michael Stewart – Begründer von Shanta Vira® Yoga

Kosten Seminar
€ 275

Kosten für Unterkunft und Verpflegung
Bitte direkt mit dem Ananda Hof abrechnen. Bezahlung gern in bar vor Ort mit anschließendem Zahlungsbeleg oder Rechnung.

Kosten Unterkunft – HIER
2 Übernachtungen – Je nach Zimmerwahl zwischen 20 € bis 40 € pro Übernachtung.
€ 20 Zelt oder Camper
€ 50 Schlafsaal
€ 70 bis € 80 Zimmer

Kosten Verpflegung – für dieses Retreat Modul 1
€ 75 – vegane Bio-Vollverpflegung

Freitag, 14.06.2024
ab 14:00 Uhr Anreise / Ankommen

Samstag, 15.06.2024

Sonntag, 16.06.2024

Am Freitag den 14. Juni ab 14.00 Uhr möglich.

Anmeldung / Kontakt
Mail an: kontakt.anandahof@gmail.com oder direkt über das Anmeldeformular


Juni 14 | 15:00
Juni 16 | 16:00


037324 822600


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